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Please select a division, then enter the city and state to search for a truck freight rate. Today's truck freight rates for active shipment locations will be displayed.  Freight rates do not include the fuel surcharge, which is displayed separately to the right. 

Overlength rates include permit fees.  For longer lengths, please contact your sales representative.

Standard/Legal LengthOverlength/StretchStretch/Super Stretch
          Nucor Steel Berkeley20' - 51'11"52' - 60'6"60'7" and above
          Nucor Yamato Steel30' - 52'52'4" - 60'4"60'8" - 70'

If you cannot find the rate you are looking for, please use the link on the left to Send a Request to the sales department. 

Rail rates are available through your sales representative and vary based on the servicing railroad and route.